Private Yoga NYC

Welcome to Private & Group Yoga NYC with Suzi Geiger

Something brought to private yoga nyc, whether its looking for a way to deal with aches & pains, specifically lower back pain or a way to prevent injury. There are so many reasons for doing yoga and movement techniques, it will help and Suzi is an advanced instructor with years experience. Yoga is just one part of the equation for an over all healthy body, using a combination of therapeutic techniques, and modalities in a private & group yoga session is an amazing way to feel so good! Above all, those aches & pains will melt away while doing a private yoga session with Suzi in nyc!

Looking for the best private yoga in nyc that does way more than just yoga, you found it! Specifically specializing in back care, injury prevention, increasing mobility, including senior citizens.

 Private Yoga NYC helps, lower back pain, sciatica and so much more!

    Private & Group Yoga works and here are some reasons why:

Lots and lots of references.

Private Yoga In NYC- Rates- $100 based on location & time