Private, Group & Corporate Yoga Instruction in New York City.


“I’m not going to teach you how to twist you like a pretzel, I’m going to help you feel good in your body! Its not complicated, its actually a pretty simple series of movements and techniques. You make the time for yourself, and I promise I will help you feel good.”


*I’ve spent years studying movement, anatomy, kinesiology, and yoga so you don’t have to. The body is complicated. My approach is simple.


*I have seen more and more injuries on the rise with trainers and teachers in the fitness and wellness industries- hip replacements, knee surgeries, arthritis. I am NOT one of these teachers.


*I will help you listen to your body BEFORE issues arise AND I can help you relieve any pains you may already have.
Afraid of feeling worse, not better? You are not alone. I specialize in helping folks fearful of hurting themselves with yoga and movement. 


I love teaching private, one on one yoga so much. It gives me an opportunity to really help someone in a very personal and individual way. I have over 1000 hours of study in  yoga, anatomy, kinesiology, therapeutic body work, and lots of experience to help.


One on one private yoga instruction customized to each individual’s needs.  In addition,  I do yoga therapeutics,  back care yoga & how to prevent issues/injury in the body. I use a combination of yoga, physical therapy techniques and other healing modalities. These techniques in combination I have found to be the best way for a great feeling body. Private yoga lessons are an amazing way to work on very specific needs.


Whether you want to try a private session or have your company try, a complete customized plan will be developed just for you.


Most noteworthy are all the people I have already helped and they’ll tell you themselves!
Rates- $100 based on location & time

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