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Something brought you here today, so let me help! Whether its looking for a way to deal with aches & pains or gain some flexibility, Yoga with Suzi is here to help.  Lower back pain is a big issue right now and most of it can be prevented.  It will help with so many things in your body and Suzi is an advanced instructor with years experience. Yoga is just one part of the equation for an over all healthy body. By using a combination of therapeutic techniques, and modalities in a private & group yoga session is an amazing way to feel so good! Above all, those aches & pains will melt away while doing  private yoga with Suzi in nyc!

Looking for the best private yoga nyc, that does way more than just yoga, you found it! Specializing in back care, injury prevention, and increasing mobility for all ages and levels of fitness.  I work with many senior citizens and it has been amazing to watch how well they are doing. Enhance your golf swing, running, dance, you name it and these techniques will enhance it all!

Still not convinced or scared to try,  call for a free consultation or email with any questions.

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Private Yoga NYC helps, lower back pain, sciatica and so much more! http://www.yogawithsuzi.com/practiceyoga-2/

Private Yoga NYC

Group & Corporate Yoga Instruction in New York City

Private Yoga NYC with Suzi, is an amazing way to find what’s right for you and you alone.

Working with a certified yoga instructor doing private yoga & therapeutics enables you to figure out what works just for you.

Afraid of stretching and trying yoga, living with any back pain or any other aches, no problem I can and will help and these techniques will significantly reduce pain.

Learn to listen to your body BEFORE issues arise AND I can help you relieve any pains you may already have.

For instance, Check out some of the free videos on this site that illustrate how to feel great.

Private Yoga Nyc works and here are some reasons why:
    • Private in home yoga is customized to each individual’s needs. I do *yoga therapeutics, *back care yoga, *restorative yoga & how to *prevent issues/injury in the body. *back restore yoga
    • I use a combination of yoga, physical therapy techniques and other healing modalities. These techniques in combination I have found to be the best way for a great feeling body. Private yoga instruction is an amazing way to deal with specific needs.
    • If  you want to try private lessons in nyc or have your company in nyc try, a complete customized plan will be developed just for you and the results are amazing!
  • Yoga Therapy is different than traditional yoga, the link has some great info. It is done in a private setting and totally customized. This is the best private yoga you can do. Yoga with Suzi Geiger in nyc is amazing!


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Private Yoga In NYC- Rates- $120 based on location & time