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What we do with our bodies day in and day out, has a far greater impact than our 2 hours of yoga, stretching, strength training or whatever you do each week. For example, are you seated at a desk most of the week, are you someone who is always rounding your shoulders? I could go […]
Yoga for back pain, umm yes!! A back pain study and its findings. Not surprising to me, yoga is one of the things that works! There is no way around the time and work you have to put in, but if you’re willing to do the work the rewards are no pain! I know this […]
Yoga is not a one size fits all! How could it be, your body is as individual as your DNA. There are a plethora of variables that go into how your body feels on any given day. Examples are, how did you sleep last night, are you getting over a cold, are you nursing an […]