Yoga & Back care go hand in hand.  It can help tremendously with healing and preventing injury in the back. Yoga back care is a great way to start getting your body feeling good.. There are a multitude of studies that now prove yoga helps with an achy back!

I can come to you, and together, we customize the practice to fit your schedule and your needs. Make peace with your achy back, calm your mind, or focus on that missing piece of the puzzle you can’t quite find for yourself in a group class setting.

Practice yoga easily and safely, to feel great! By working with a certified professional, we can heal and alleviate back pain and many other aches & pains , as well as injury prevention. They have for me!!

The restorative properties are vast and fabulous.  Private  & group yoga lessons are customized to each persons needs and specifications. I have attended numerous workshops as well as studied with my mentors to learn assisted stretches, body adjustments and some Thai Massage.  Though private, one on one lessons, we can figure out exactly what works for you and have you practicing easily, safely and very important Restore.

Practicing yoga and other healing modalities with a teacher privately allows you to tailor your session to your specific needs, such as dealing with an injury or health concern. I have studied yoga for backcare and have experience in using these therapeutic practices one-on-one. If you are new to yoga, private lessons can also help you build a strong foundation before diving into group classes. Having a teacher customize your lessons gives you the space and time to gain greater understanding of challenging poses which have always seemed to elude you. Practice, hatha, vinyasa, gentle, beginners, therapeutic and restorative yoga in New York city.


Restore easily through safe practice,  includes stretching. Stretching alone is not always enough to release stress, tight muscles and fascia. The self massage balls & foam rollers aid in going deeper into areas not fully effected by stretching. It is amazing.

Practicing and Restoring also includes muscle relation. Muscle relaxation is just the start! You get the benefit of the following side-effects:

  • stimulated circulation
  • decreased muscle pain
  • stress relief
  • increased flexibility
  • injury prevention
  • ball