Certified Yoga Instructor

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and I love it.  I started my yoga practice over 20 years ago. My body was feeling some achy sensations I had never felt.  I was hearing about all the benefits of yoga. After just one class, I felt amazing! I started going regularly and after several years of practicing, I developed a strong desire to understand why and how yoga was helping me to feel so good. I decided to change careers and become a certified yoga teacher.

My studies included more of the science and anatomy driven courses.  I started working different healing modalities into my teachings. You can call it yoga, stretching, back care, strength training, therapeutics, injury prevention and rehabilitation. When you put it all together and in different combinations, you have an amazing recipe for feeling great and have the opportunity to work with a certified yoga instructor! You live life with little-to-no aches and pains as well as prevent future injury.

I am also continuing my education to discover even more combinations and increase my certification levels to help students feel great. It is a gift every time someone says they feel better or stronger. I love what I do today more than the first day I started. My plan is to practice and teach yoga as long as my body will allow – it’s looking like it may be a while!!! I live on the upper east side of Manhattan and do private, corporate and group yoga classes all over New York City. I teach other healing tools that help the body feel great and continue working on different certifications as I think it is very important to work with a fully certified yoga instructor and someone who continues to learn, study and grow in their own body. When’s the last time you paid attention to the bodies of the people who you ask for help? Do they have issues, how do they handle it, what are those issues and on and on.

Call or email with any questions! 

Suzi@yogawithsuzi.com or 917 414 1595

Yoga Certifications & Training

Amy Matthews Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology embodiedanatomy.net

Michael Gilbert 200-Hour Certification michaelrgilbert.com,

The Breathing Project breathingproject.org

Judith Lasater Restorative Yoga Certificate judithlasater.com

Ellen Saltonstall Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics ellensaltonstall.com

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