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Yoga for Back pain

Yoga for back pain, umm yes!! A back pain study and its findings. Not surprising to me, yoga is one of the things that works! There is no way around the time and work you have to put in, but if you’re willing to do the work the rewards are no pain! I know this […]

Yoga & goals

I saw the above saying and love it so, I want to share. I believe yoga has come to mean many different things to many different people, for me there are multiple layers of what it means. I have learned to understand many different feelings in my body and what they mean. I have learned […]

To let it be or not to let it be? Healing, Stretching, Yoga, Massage

To let it be or to not let it be. Sometimes I have an achy, sore part of my body (it can be back pain, a shoulder, leg, foot) and I don’t know if I should let it be or try to move, roll, and add to the healing process. I have had a few […]