Get Flexible at Yoga with Suzi

Ahhh, flexibility, to have it or not to have it?

It is one of the number one things I hear all the time, that “I’m not flexible” so I can’t do yoga or stretch. This has always been a bit of a puzzle to me because it seems so clear  that if your not flexible at all, that’s exactly why one would do it.. Right?? I think if one is not flexible and I think everyone has at least one area in there body that is not as “flexible” as other part, that its important to stretch. Personally I have some areas in my body that are very flexible and some that are much tighter. I am always trying to listen and honor wherever my body is. If one thing is tight, I give it some more time.

Bottom line for me, is there are different components to overall fitness, strength, cardio and flexibility to name the ones I think are important. They are different and all need some time. That is really the bottom line, you need some time, time to give your body what it needs. Its another thing I hear a lot, ‘I don’t have the time” (that’s right after I’m not flexible), and maybe you don’t have to much time. The thing is your body does not give a shit about your time frames and your not really wanting to stretch or do some strength training. It doesn’t matter what your age is or your level of fitness, there is something to help everyone.  I believe with all my heart, that if I don’t take care of the one body I have, that it will not take care of me. . So in the end I say, “take some time for to get your flexible on”!!

There is no competition in Yoga!

There is no competition in yoga. For me it has become about finding what works for my body and mind on a given day.

It’s ever changing, as is my body, mood and a host of other variables. I use to go to classes and feel bad if there were poses I could not do or if I could do a pose but on that day, my body was achy or not feeling it.  Why would I feel bad for taking care of myself? I think it has something to do with a competitive nature I have (and I know I ‘m not the only one). The older I get, the more I say I don’t give a shit what anyone else is doing or if the teacher suggests something I know is not going to feel good in my body. I listen to what I know is right for me on that day. I don’t want to compete with anyone else or myself. I want to be in a space that is non-judgmental, filled with compassion and kindness and no competition.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, ask yourself these questions? How well did you sleep last night, do you have an injury that is healing, getting over feeling sick, did not eat enough, just had a fight with your boss, friend, or someone, do you always have tight hamstrings no matter what, do you have an area in your body that can never bend a certain way, do you not have the upper body strength for something? The list of variable can go on and on, but I will stop there and hope you get the picture. Based on all these variables and my bodies ability on any given day is my guide for what I will or will not do.

Find what’s right for you, whatever that means.

Yoga for everyone

I recently was reading an article and saw the below description about the author and thought, that’s me! Not word for word, but me none the less.

I am a Bad Yogi. Actually, I am the worst yogi. I am the carnivorous, red wine- and French cheese-loving type, and in my classes you won’t hear much Sanskrit or anything about the Sutras. I make more jokes than I make references to any self-help philosophy, and to top it all off, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that. Truthfully though, teaching yoga has been one of my greatest pleasures; I practice to feed my teaching, but I teach to feed my life.

I use to think I needed to drink the kool aid or I was not legit and now I think bullshit. I am a really good teacher and study my butt off to keep learning and growing.

I would add that my yoga practice and teaching came out of a deep desire to live in a pain free body. It was then and is still is one of my deepest motivations.