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I am a certified yoga instructor. I write this because when people call me to inquire about yoga lessons, they never ask. They don’t ask about my education at all in regards to my yoga teachings.  I get asked how much does it cost and about schedule. The scheduling of course I understand and I […]
How much yoga do you think you need to do every week? I think the answer is different for everyone based on a few variables. Age, level of fitness, injuries, how much do you use your body and for what, are you sitting in a chair all day, and so on. Having said all that, […]
I am a proud yoga teacher! I did my initial certification over 13 years ago and have never stopped studying, trying to learn more, gain more certifications, work with other professionals in my industry and then some. When I started yoga over 20 years ago, it was to deal with some minor achiness and see […]