Yoga Teacher

I am a proud yoga teacher! I did my initial certification over 13 years ago and have never stopped studying, trying to learn more, gain more certifications, work with other professionals in my industry and then some. When I started yoga over 20 years ago, it was to deal with some minor achiness and see if it would help as I had been hearing so much about yoga and it did! It was that class and hundreds after that initial class that kept me coming back to feel good in my body.

Now after all this time, yoga done, certifications gained, I feel pretty darn good in my body. This is not to say I don’t have aches, pains and the occasional muscle pull, etc. I say all this because, I think some people think that because I am a yoga teacher that I either don’t have to put in the time necessary to feel good or by proximity to all this yoga and healing modalities, that it rubs off. I am here to tell you that, not only do I have to put the work in, I might have to put more in than the average person. I think people forget that using my body to help someone else’s is a lot of work for my body. I run around all day from place to place, demonstrate, do lots of yoga, bend over, as I mentioned using my body to helps someone else’s. I have to do the work!

There is no way around it, if you want to reside in a body that feels good with as little achiness and injuries as possible you have to do the work. The more active you want to be the more work and counter balancing you have to do.

So go ahead, do some yoga, find an amazing yoga teacher who has gotten certified and continues to study about anatomy and other healing modalities. Learn, grow, explore and feel as amazing I do.