Yoga works for every body

There are so many kinds of yoga and different ways teachers put classes and programs together, there really is something that works for every body. I have been reading many articles of late that speak of not liking this and not liking that from different teachers and people in the industry that it has made me think, isn’t there room for yoga for every body? I myself have written before about how I can’t do some of the poses and in my aging body, I have chosen to slow down and do what’s right for me, but I never threw out negativity at another teacher or program. I am not sure how it helps to spew negativity at each other, why cant there be enough room for us all to do our thing?

My way of doing yoga and putting things together comes from years of going to classes, studying with various teachers, working with many students and paying close attention to my body and what works.  I am always quite clear when I put something together in a way that is not my original idea to tell people. I tell them I put together some yoga moves I have learned from others and some physical therapy techniques I have learned. There is enough room for us all and there are so many ways of doing things. I think finding something safe is first and then knowledgably, they kind of go hand in hand. Finally, I believe personality and liking the person who you decide to study with is important. Personally I like a lite hearted and fun attitude, but I know many people who want a more serious environment and that’s ok.

There are some amazing teachers who really know their stuff and finding the right one for you is all you have to do! Whether you do private yoga or go to a group class find a teacher who continues to study and understand the human body, who understand combining healing modalities is an amazing combination for injury prevention, healing and feeling amazing!