Practice therapeutic yoga and functional movement for your overall well-being.

I can help discover your personal combination of modalities and techniques to aid in healing muscular pain and promoting a flexible, injury-free body.

Yoga Therapy

Individualized healing science
and yoga therapeutics

Back Care

Targeted Healing and
Injury Prevention for your back.

Myofascial Release

Self massage techniques for
release of tight muscles and fascia

Yoga NYC, Private Yoga NYC, Back Care, Yoga Therapy

Yoga NYC, Private Yoga NYC, Back Care, and Yoga Therapy is doing in person sessions. In addition Suzi is now doing online private yoga, yoga therapy, functional movement and myofascial release with FaceTime, and Zoom. In addition with private yoga online, you get the same benefits as private yoga in person. Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, and healing modalities in a private, or online yoga session is an amazing way to feel incredible!  Private Yoga NYC is here to help with lots of tools! Specifically every body needs a combination of tools based on many variables.  For this reason I help you find your own personal combination.

Yoga and so much more
Please call for a free consultation or send an email with questions. In conclusion, If you are looking for one of the best private yoga sessions in NYC and private yoga online experiences that does so much more than yoga, you just found it! 

[email protected]
Upper East Side, NYC


Rate is $120hr based on location & time





Yoga, online yoga, private yoga, yoga therapy

Yoga NYC with Suzi is on the Upper East Side of NYC and goes all over Manhattan.  Specifically there is no one thing that takes care of your entire body for overall health and fitness. As a result I use a combination of yoga, physical therapy techniques, strength & resistance training, myofascial release and other healing modalities to customize a practice for each client on their path to a great feeling body. Above all, Private yoga instruction is an amazing way to address specific issues and promote consistent well-being. 

In summary I love to learn and study and therefore will never stop!

My certifications & training includes:

Amy Matthews Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology 300hr
Michael Gilbert 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification

The Breathing Project
Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certificate  40hr
Ellen Saltonstall Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics & Self Massage Ball Work 100hr

Jean Koerner Hands on Adjustments
Black Body Tuning

Yoga and Therapeutic Tools

Using these props promote deeper strengthening, stretching, relaxing and releasing of specific areas in the body.
Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Functional Movement, Back Care, Myofascial Release, Injury Prevention, Upper East Side, NYC, Private Yoga, Corporate Yoga

Self Massage and Myofascial Tools


The tools help with the release tight muscles and fascia by massaging targeted areas.

Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Functional Movement, Back Care, Myofascial Release, Injury Prevention, Upper East Side, NYC, Private Yoga, Corporate Yoga

Bands Blocks Bolsters


Bands are used for strength and resistance training. Blocks and Bolsters assist in stabilizing and relaxing your body.


Samuel I. Schwartz

P.E. President + CEO

“Suzi is great. Just the idea of doing yoga after a hard day’s work is often very tough for me. Suzi makes it fun, gets me motivated quickly and makes time fly. I always feel great afterwards. Suzi is also very knowledgeable about the human body and how it works making each session an education. I’m well into my sixties and I’m as spry as people half my age; thank you Suzi!”
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Jim Bartholomew


"Dear Future Yoga Students: I have been working with Suzi for over 5 years and I LOVE her! She has been able to work with me on a very personal basis to focus on the specific issues in my body. I am a very active, busy person who travels a lot. She has helped keep me active, strong and flexible throughout. I wish she could work with everyone I know to keep them healthy and strong! Thank you Suzi!"
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Jessica Schindler

Executive Donna Karan New York

Suzi, I want to say thank you! Because of you I can bend without putting all of my weight on my knees since my ankle is working again. I am not in pain and I can run again….. After I suffered a bilateral facture to my Tibia, I was told that my flexibility would never be restored to full capacity. I felt inadequate, frustrated and devastated since I was always very active. Furthermore, the doctors said that if I am lucky I would only regain 50% flexibility to the ankle.
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Yoga with Suzi Blog

My Journey

Day in and day out

What we do with our bodies day in and day out, has a far greater impact than our 2 hours of yoga, stretching, strength training or whatever you do each week. For example, are you Read more…

Yoga for Back pain

Yoga for back pain, umm yes!! A back pain study and its findings. Not surprising to me, yoga is one of the things that works! There is no way around the time and work you Read more…

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Upper East Side, NYC

Suzi Geiger teaches private, one-on-one and corporate yoga lessons all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is a transformative practice using a combination of therapeutic techniques, movement modalities and myofascial release in a private, corporate or online yoga session. It will change your life!
With yoga therapeutics, It is so easy to feel better with simple, functional  movement: 
  • circulation
  • decreased muscle pain
  • stress relief
  • increased flexibility
  • injury prevention
Contact Certified Yoga Instructor Suzi Geiger with questions or to make an appointment .

[email protected]
Upper East Side, NYC
917 414 1595
Many references available

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