Practice private yoga for your overall well-being.

I can help you discover your personal combination of modalities and techniques to aid in healing and promoting a strong, flexible, injury-free body.

Injury Prevention

Strength training & therapeutic techniques

Increased Flexibility

Ease of movement & agility

Stress Relief

Release & Relax & Breath

Yoga with Suzi – Yoga and Private Yoga


Private Yoga in NYC is an amazing way to help yourself!
Firstly, it will help you achieve many of your health and fitness goals.
Secondly, it can address and correct specific issues in your body.
Finally, it is an incredible way to prevent future injury. To explain further,
there is nothing that takes care of your overall health.
Because of this, I use a highly beneficial combination of modalities.

Allow me to clarify, we all want to feel great; however, your path is very personal.
Due to you being you, private yoga customizes your way to feeling healthy and great.
Most importantly, it promotes a consistent sense of well-being.
Since this is so vital, Yoga with Suzi is open and doing in-person sessions!
In addition, Yoga with Suzi is now doing online sessions with FaceTime and Zoom.

Overall, online private yoga offers the same benefits as in-person private yoga.
Whatever your preference, feel incredible by practicing a combination of techniques.
You have just found one of the best private yoga sessions in NYC! 
Truly, I have developed many tools through lots of formal training and client work.
With the intention to improve your life experience, Private Yoga NYC is here to help. 

Yoga with Suzi

Yoga, Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Functional Movement, Back Care,
Myofascial Release, Injury Prevention, Corporate Yoga.
Based on the Upper East Side of NYC and goes all over Manhattan.
Please call for a free consultation or send an email with questions.

[email protected]
Upper East Side, NYC

Rate: $120 per hour based on location & time

My certifications & training include:

Amy Matthews Embodied Anatomy and Kinesiology 300hr
Michael Gilbert 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification
The Breathing Project
Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certificate 40hr
Ellen Saltonstall Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics & Self Massage Ball Work 100hr
Jean Koerner Hands on Adjustments
Glenn Black Body Tuning


Private Yoga Offerings & Therapeutic Tools

In fact a personalized combination of healing modalities will help promote a great feeling body & wellness!

Private Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative & Therapeutic

Including using a combination of different yoga types and modalities is an amazing combination for feeling great!

Strength Training, Physical Therapy Techniques & Injury Prevention

Strength is one of the best ways to prevent injury in the body.

Myofascial Release & Assisted Stretching

In paticular we are more than muscles; fascia (connective tissue) is equally as important.

Senior Spotlight

Emphasis on: balance, assisted stretching, injury prevention & strength building

Self Massage & Myofascial Tools

These tools help to release tight muscles and fascia by massaging targeted areas.

Bands Blocks Bolsters

Bands are used for strength and resistance training. Blocks and Bolsters assist in stabilizing and relaxing your body.

Meet Certified Private Yoga Instructor: Suzi Geiger

Specializing in: Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Functional Movement, Back Care, Myofascial Release, Injury Prevention, Senior Care & Corporate Yoga.

I love being a Certified Yoga & Movement Instructor.  My journey began over 25 years ago when my body was often achy. At this time, I heard about the incredible benefits of yoga. After one class, I felt amazing.

After a few years of dedicated practice, I developed a strong desire to understand why and how yoga was helping me in so many ways. I changed my life and became a certified yoga teacher.

I mix my extensive training in anatomy, therapeutics and yoga to make your experience a blend of stretching, relaxing, restoring and injury prevention. I am continuing my education and will never stop.

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Upper East Side, NYC

Suzi Geiger teaches yoga,  private yoga, and corporate yoga lessons all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is a transformative practice using a combination of therapeutic techniques, movement modalities and myofascial release in a private, corporate or online yoga session.

Contact Certified Yoga Instructor Suzi Geiger with questions or to make an appointment .

[email protected]
Upper East Side, NYC
917 414 1595
Many references available

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