Lots of Reference Letters, recommendation’s and all the buzz people are saying!

“Suzi is great.  Just the idea of doing yoga after a hard day’s work is often very tough for me.  But, Suzie makes it fun, gets me motivated quickly and makes the time fly.  I always feel great afterwards.  Suzie is also very knowledgeable about the human body and how it works making each session an education.  I’m well into my sixties and I’m as spry as people half my age; thank you Suzie!”

Samuel I. Schwartz, P.E. President + CEO

Working with Suzi has been wonderful! As a 20something I thought I was in fantastic shape, minus not being able to touch my toes, but what adult can anymore? On the first day Suzi said I’d be able to again, but I’d have to work. Since, Suzi has taught me to stretch and strengthen and now I can hold myself up on my hands (the crow!)

 That would be sufficient, but what Suzi teaches is to be aware of your body. I found out those “every day aches that just go away” weren’t nothing and my body was saying something and now I could answer! The best part for me as a fellow teacher is her ability to differentiate so my mother and I could have some sessions together and those times I have truly enjoyed laughing along with Suzi!

Mentally, Suzi teaches you to make time for yourself-I wasn’t sold on meditation but found it could work some days while others needed the kick butt vinyasa session. Her most wonderful quality is she sincerely cares about educating her clients. She’ll give you confidence to try things while creating the most hysterical and comforting environment!

Thanks Suzi for all you do! Vanessa Fiasconaro

As an older person with a chronic illness, I feel very fortunate to have found Suzi. She came highly recommended by a colleague, so I assumed her yoga skills would be excellent. What I didn’t expect, but found most beneficial, was her ability and willingness to tailor our practice to my condition. She specifically asked about my illness and then did her research to insure that I would receive the maximum benefit from our practice.

Suzi is a life-long learner; she continues to take classes – not just in yoga- but in physiology and others aspects of medicine. She frequently bought new information and resources to support and challenge me.

Thank you Suzi! Toni Riccardi

Dear Future Yoga Sudents:

I have been working with Suzi for over 5 years and I LOVE her!   She has been able to work with me on a very personal basis to focus on the specific issues in my body.  I am a very active, busy person who travels a lot.  She has helped keep me active, strong and flexible throughout.   I wish she could work with everyone I know to keep them healthy and strong!  

Thank you Suzi!   Jim Bartholomew

When our children suggested that Sam and I take up Yoga, Sam was all for it, but I told them “Absolutely not!” I had done it before and had hated it, finding it difficult and frustrating. I can be somewhat stubborn but David and Deena are even more so, so I agreed to try one session only with Suzi, whom we had never met.

Suzi is a very special person and an awesome Yoga teacher! She is outgoing, very encouraging, energetic, witty and she never pushes. She makes Yoga fun. After that one session, I was hooked. We do it every week and I love it! I suffered from a back injury and severe sciatica I had difficulty with balance, fell frequently and could never stand on one foot. Now, I am virtually free of back pain, totally free of sciatica, and rarely fall. Suzi has helped me more than surgery, physical therapy and regular exercise.

Yoga gets more enjoyable every week and we feel blessed to have crossed paths with her. Suzi makes yoga fun and the time flies by so that you can’t wait till the next session. My wife and I are both in our 60’s and previously had back and joint ailments and injuries. Since doing yoga with Suzi we feel invincible!

Daria Schwartz

What is fun about yoga now is that it isn’t just about rehabbing but really seeing how far I can go in exploring the poses, and as you say, enjoying the journey. And whatever limitations I have, it is kind of like the “aging” thing—it is there, sure, and you may have to accept it somewhat, but it doesn’t have to stop you or make you fearful. It is just about being aware and as you say ” listening to your body”.

I think what has made yoga so awesome for me—and for Brad—besides the fact that it is fun and we have become great friends, is that you always make it “safe.” I was saying to friends,  how  you anchor my hips when I am doing my twists, I am really not afraid to take the stretch deeper. I know Brad feels the same, that if he has tightness or worse, I see he really does listen to you and trust that with a few deep breathes and some stretching, he will get relief. It has really helped me in the past few months especially, when I have wanted to challenge myself more in the gym, pool, whatever, to know that I can push a bit, but also know my limit.

6 months ago I was really still in so much of a “fear” phase, and that is so not me! But injury will do that to you. You know I am so goal oriented and set such high expectations for myself, but I am in really good place right now with my workouts, golf training, etc. Of course feeling SO much better helps a lot, but it is also because I am so fortunate to work with people like you who have a holistic perspective and are focused on the process, not just the results.


I think this is great for your company. I started taking Suzi’s class last April, so it’s been almost a year. I was definitely more of a beginner when I started and a bit self conscious, but Suzi is an excellent teacher and can work with many different levels of students in her classes. I would say her teaching style is interactive- she is great at seeking out what everyone wants to get out of each class, and working towards having everyone’s needs met.

I personally feel the class is more of a physical class then a spiritual class. I have taken classes that are more spiritual and do not feel like I am getting a work out. With Suzi’s class, she incorporates breathing techniques to help with relaxation, but also has a major focus on the work out portion. I think she is extremely patient but also knows when to push a student a little further. I have found that I am capable of more then I thought on certain poses, and she also knows when some poses are too much for certain people. She has a great knack for incorporating different levels of practices in each class, so that each individual is walking away with what works for them.

I really enjoy her classes and do my best to make both each week. I would highly recommend her to a friend. I hope this information helps. If you need anything more, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!

Jenn Battaglia Sr. Account Executive Nine West Sportswear

I’m a busy single mom who can’t keep to a regular exercise schedule. If I could, I would have Suzi give me yoga instructions twice a week, as it is I am lucky to make it once a month. The amazing thing about Suzi is she remembers each time what my weaknesses were the last time we had a session and asks about them. She then finds out what new issues I may have and creates a yoga routine designed to strengthen those weaknesses but carefully so as not to risk any sort of injury.

There was a NY Times article circulating recently about how bad yoga can be for you. All true, if you have an ego driven yoga instructor who pays little to no attention to the individual students needs. Suzi is the anti-ego-driven yoga instructor. She is all about creating a safe and healthy routine by listening and adjusting. The icing on the cupcake (that’s for you Suzi) is that Suzi is, hands down, the most pleasant, fun and inspiring yoga instructor I have had the pleasure to stretch and breathe with.

Sandra Elgear

If you ever need a reference for classes or anything, please let me know – I would be honored 🙂 All the members loved your classes, and you have remained very professional and very fun during our time here. And, as always, if you are in the Jersey area, I would welcome you anytime to the new diggs to lead a class or just to visit.. I’m sure I’ll see you again before I go in a few weeks.

Brian D. Donahue,Supervisor Sr.Manager, Atlantis Sports Clubs Sheraton Hotels of New York

I have been working with Suzi for over five years now and for me and physical activity that speaks volumes. I’ve never been a gym rat or really stuck to any exercise routine for any extended period of time. Starting to practice yoga with Suzi and learning to love it as much as I do is, in large measure, due to her patience, enthusiasm and I’d say very special approach as a teacher.

She knows when to push (gently, for me, because that’s what I need), when to cheerlead and when to just let me be. This balanced approach has encouraged me to keep going and push myself further and further in my practice. I’ve seen the benefits that a regular yoga practice has given me, as I am firmly in middle age now, and I hope to keep my practice going for many years to come, hopefully with Suzi as my teacher!

Wendy Kornreich

It may be useful to know a bit about me to understand my comments about Suzi. I am in my early 60’s and a senior partner in a major wall street law firm-type A plus. I am in good aerobic condition but was becoming increasingly inflexible. I started with Suzi last June. The difference in flexibility is extraordinary. I hop out of the back seat of cars and after a week of skiing over the holiday there was no stiffness.

Suzi has been perfect for me. I spend at least 1 hour a week with her in class. She is a good teacher. She encourages me and offers praise but is honest about my progress and goals. She is very concerned about avoiding injury and is quick to intervene if I am trying to push too hard. She is principally interested in yoga for life long health and at least with me does not overly emphasize spiritual aspects.

Between classes she sends me emails reminding me to do my yoga routine a long with suggested sequences of poses. She has a very positive personality and is always cheerful. I recommend her without reservation. If you would like to have more info please call at your convenience.

Ken Kramer Partner – Shearman Sterling Law Firm

I never had regularly attended a yoga class until yours. I have done videos and random experimental classes throughout college with my friends but nothing ever stuck with me. I am a longtime sufferer of extreme anxiety and have been urged by both my therapist and close friends who are involved in the practice to turn to yoga as a release. I always liked the thought of it but never went through with it. So, by you offering classes 10 floors above me, I had no excuse not to attend. And I am truly happy I did!

I loved class, it completely turned me onto the practice and I wanted you to know this. I saw a man in plow position on Venice Beach and a large group working on their planks in Runyon Canon on vacation last week and I was so excited to point this out to my boyfriend haha! I just wanted to thank you for being a great instructor and for getting me involved in turning to yoga for so much more than exercise. I would love to take class with you again, I know Kim may arrange for this in the Fall/Winter. I will definitely be joining.

Jessica Schindler Donna Karan New York

Suzi, I want to say thank you! Because of you I can bend without putting all of my weight on my knees since my ankle is working again. I am not in pain and I can run again….. After I suffered a bilateral facture to my Tibia, I was told that my flexibility would never be restored to full capacity. I felt inadequate, frustrated and devastated since I was always very active. Furthermore, the doctors said that if I am lucky I would only regain 50% flexibility to the ankle.

I have to say that after doing Yoga with you for the past 6 months my flexibility is up to about 90%. For those of you who don’t understand what an injury like this can do, after months of intense physical therapy this prevented me from planting my feet evenly on the ground, it affected my ability to bend, squat, run.  I am so thankful to you and Jones Apparel Group for bringing Yoga to the work place that I had to put it in writing.

When I look at where I started back in the spring and where I am now today I am amazed. The future is much brighter! I like the fact that I can run again and don’t have to hold on to the railings in the subway for support. Yoga has brought such a level of strength, and security. I look forward to seeing you at our yoga classes in and hope to continue to improve and build on my Vinyasas. On any giving Yoga day,  you always give us a choice of standing on a tree, or you allow us to make a triangle or sit in a chair or just squat. We even get to fly and if it doesn’t work for us you still give us the best choice of all….. (corpse pose) Shavasana. Suzi, once again thank you for giving me back my independence!!

Efney Hall-Morgan Kasper Clothing

I wanted to personally thank you for everything you have done for me – I clearly know and understand the benefits yoga and you have given me – it has made a difference in my life – as I normally never put myself first – and thanks to you – I did – I hope to see you soon.

Mary Toomey VP Jones New York

Suzi, I just want to personally thank you for always making me feel good about myself. Sometimes as we get older, we look at ourselves in a negative way. The cute, well built girl that I was, which seems so long ago, seemed to be just a memory and I think that with your help you brought her back to me. I look at myself differently now and I thank you for always making me feel that there was no difference between me and the younger members of the class. I never felt intimated and always felt that I was keeping up. You have a special way of making everyone in the classroom feel that they are special in their strengths by your recognition. I will miss you terribly and will remember you always.

Tamara Jones New York

I have to tell you that our conversation was truly life transforming. All week I’ve been following your wise counsel and have been checking the urge to push past the pain. There has been a significant improvement in my unstable back, but I’m continuing to implement your suggestions and feel soooo much better. I can’t tell you how grateful I am!! Thank you. I will be working to gently open up the groin area while lengthening the spine. Still feel a little tendency to collapse on one side, but realize it is all about getting more length to relieve the pressure on my disks. Anyway, it has been a good week for discovery and without you it wouldn’t have been possible. I love you for being there and helping me. God knows, it’s not an easy job. You can almost bet that I’ll be calling you for more suggestions and I feel truly blessed that you’ve chosen yoga.

Val Burghardt

I have known Suzi for more than two years and have been doing yoga with her for nearly the same amount of time. I highly recommend her for the following reasons: 1) Her knowledge of yoga and how it benefits your body; 2) Her enthusiasm for helping her “students” or “classes”. If she is aware of a particular problem, she will research which yoga moves will provide the most benefit. and 3) Her fun loving but serious personality. She takes yoga seriously but also knows how to have fun. As we have taken private lessons I cannot comment how she is in a classroom environment , however, I would imagine she would be as excellent in the classroom as she is on a personal basis.

Angie Blomberg Partner – Price Waterhouse Coopers