Yoga for back pain, umm yes!! A back pain study and its findings. Not surprising to me, yoga is one of the things that works! There is no way around the time and work you have to put in, but if you’re willing to do the work the rewards are no pain! I know this first hand because when I do the work my body feels amazing. As soon as I start to slack off, I feel the aches start to creep back in. Those aches if not dealt with turn to bigger aches or full on pain. I don’t make the rules of the human body, but I know for sure that if I am willing to put in the time the rewards are amazing.

I also believe we all need more than one thing for an overall great feeling body. Yoga is one part of the equation for me, a big part, but one part. I use techniques learned from a physical therapist, some Pilate type movements and self massage techniques as well as cardio. It is all of these that when used in combination that keep my body working as well as it can. I don’t want to over simplify as there are so many variables and components to what works for someone, but I have seen it over and over again then when done in the correct combination and way it works!

It seems like a no brainer to me, but so many people are still so confused about back pain and what to do. It makes me sad and a bit frustrated because I know I can help in so many cases, but I can not force someone to put in the time. Please read the article and I promise to help you if your so inclined!

Here is an easy 5min video to help get you started.. The movements in the video are ones I do almost everyday and teach to everyone!